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January 20, 2022

Another Editorial Take On World's Family Offices - Podcast

One again, the journalist becomes the subject of an interview. Group editor Tom Burroughes talks to

Family Office
January 7, 2022

Venture Capital Fund Vs Family Office – What's Best For Tech Investment?

The author of this article examines the pros and cons of using venture capital or family office

Family Office
October 13, 2021

Book Review: The Family Office, By William Woodson and Edward Marshall

A new book exploring the details and challenges faced in creating and managing a family office was

Family Office
September 20, 2021

Returns Vs Values: Impact Investing Challenge For Family Offices

What sort of approaches should family offices employ when it comes to impact investing, an approach

Family Office
September 10, 2021

Bill Gates' Investment Group Buys Four Seasons Majority Stake

The story is an example of how the investment entities of ultra-wealthy individuals buy and hold

Family Office
September 9, 2021

Costs Still Weigh Heavily On US Family Offices' Minds - Study

A survey of US family offices, carried out through February to May, delves into what concerns they

Family Office
August 27, 2021

Family Office Smiles On Digital Assets - Report

The report plays to the argument that in some ways digital assets, for all the controversies around

Family Office
August 11, 2021

Ex-Citigroup CEO's Family Office Helps Seed Start-Up

Pandeavor Ventures is the New York City-based family office of the former chief executive at

Family Office
April 6, 2021

US Regulator Urges Controls Over Family Offices

The head of the CFTC, one of the main US regulators, has criticized how family offices that are

Family Office
April 5, 2021

US Wealth Firm Rebrands Family Offices Business

The firm has also added team members, widened service offerings, and built out its private

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Family Office
November 10, 2021

Borrowing Against Securities - What Family Offices Should Consider

What sort of issues should wealthy families consider in raising finance against assets such as

Family Office
November 8, 2021

Eight Reasons Why Singapore Attracts Family Offices

The Asian city-state has been moving to attract family offices and, with other jurisdictions

Family Office
October 19, 2021

Single-Family Offices - What Do They Own?

The author of this piece, who has access to a comprehensive database of what SFOs invest in, points

Family Office
October 4, 2021

New Research Explores ESG And Family Governance Models

WealthBriefing and Jersey Finance have teamed up to survey and interview family governance experts

Family Office
July 29, 2021

Family Offices Should Behave As Regulated Entities

This article explores the various risks involved from the family office perspective, including

Family Office
June 8, 2021

Interview: Protecting Wealth, Not Getting More, Should Be Family Office Goal

We talk to a third-gen. family member of a Zurich and Tel Aviv wealth manager and author about the

Family Office
May 18, 2021

Family Office Or Founder's Office - Sector Must Tighten Definitions

A consultant and former private banking and investment industry figure has a complaint: he reckons

Family Office
May 10, 2021

How Family Offices Can Join The Health Tech Revolution

Family offices make natural investors in health technology and fields such as biotech, being

Family Office
April 23, 2021

Archegos Fallout: Don't Hit Family Offices With Blanket Red Tape - Comment

Senior private banking figures who regularly comment about family offices argue that calls to

Family Office
March 30, 2021

Family Offices’ Quiet Power Behind Life Sciences

A recently-announced major investment into the life sciences sector by a Middle East sovereign