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January 14, 2021

Key Private Bank Doesn't Expect Big Tax Hikes - At Least Not Yet

The Cleveland, Ohio-based private bank spoke to this news service before the Georgia run-offs for

Investment Strategies
January 13, 2021

Citi Private Bank Positions "Aggressively" For Equity Gains

The private bank said the pandemic has heavily distorted prices of various assets, creating

Investment Strategies
January 11, 2021

Direct Indexing: The Next Portfolio Construction "Big Thing"?

Wealth managers can get the sort of investment performance from a benchmark such as the S&P 500

Investment Strategies
January 8, 2021

US Elections Aftermath: The View From BNY Mellon Wealth Management

More commentary from the industry about the Georgia Senate run-off results and the approach of a

Investment Strategies
December 10, 2020

Wall Street Expects Economic Rebound; COVID-19 A Wild Card

Wealth and asset managers expect a stronger economy and are positioning for equity market gains,

Investment Strategies
November 9, 2020

Wealth Managers Contemplate Biden Presidency, Policy Limits

Although the election process isn't formally over, wealth managers are starting to plan for life

Investment Strategies
November 6, 2020

Cope With COVID Via Rules-Based Investing

There's a saying "discipline equals freedom", and maybe this applies to financial market investing

Investment Strategies
November 5, 2020

US Elections - Latest Wealth Management Reactions

As the US election count drags on, wealth management firms speculate on what this means for markets

Investment Strategies
November 4, 2020

Investors' Nerves Tested As US Election Results Roll In

With no clear US election outcome as of the time of writing, wealth managers adopted a cautious

Investment Strategies
November 2, 2020

Impact Investing Loses Some Of Its Shine

For those considering impact investing, healthcare is a top priority for investors in the US and

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Investment Strategies
September 12, 2019

The Inverted Yield Curve And The Family Office

"This time is different" - an expression that often carries undertones of hubris. Does the inverted

Investment Strategies
May 21, 2019

The ESG Phenomenon - A View From Cornerstone

As part of this publication's series on ESG investing, we talk to a US-registered investment

Investment Strategies
May 3, 2019

How Family History Informs Impact Investing Goals

A focus on the values and culture that made a family wealthy in the first place helps inform how

Investment Strategies
April 8, 2019

Plotting Qualified Opportunity Zone Opportunities, Risks With Abbot Downing

This publication recently interviewed the wealth management group about the US program's tax

Investment Strategies
March 5, 2019

Smart Investing, Not Just Tax Should Drive Qualified Opportunity Zones - CAIS

This publication spoke recently to the alternative investments platform about these new Zones and

Investment Strategies
October 4, 2018

EDITORIAL COMMENT: Why Wealth Managers Must Get Serious Over Political Risk

Global political risk looms ever larger as a factor for wealth managers to track, even if they'd

Investment Strategies
September 17, 2018

GUEST ARTICLE: Building Bridges In Thinking About Impact Investing - Part 10

In a series of articles, a prominent US figure in the impact investing space explores how to pull

Investment Strategies
May 29, 2018

Insurance-Based Wealth Structures - What Advisors, Clients Should Know

Private placement life insurance has been known as a wealth tool for some time, but don't forget

Investment Strategies
May 2, 2018

GUEST ARTICLE: Building Bridges In Thinking About Impact Investing - Part 8

In a series of articles, a prominent US figure in the impact investing space explores how to pull

Investment Strategies
April 20, 2018

What Do US Tax Cuts Mean for Global Investors?

The author of this item asks to what extent have the tax cuts enacted late in 2017 been reflected