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Investment Strategies
September 15, 2021

Lange Auf Wiedersehen, Balancing The Books: German Elections

After 16 years in office, the Chancellor of Germany, one of the world's largest economies, is is

Investment Strategies
August 25, 2021

Blank Check Companies Retain Momentum, Europe, UK Increasingly Active

IQ-EQ, the investor services group, has a ringside seat for observing trends in the SPACs space.

Investment Strategies
August 23, 2021

Cresset Stays With Qualified Opportunity Zone Space - For Now

With all the coverage on the Biden administration's tax hike proposals in areas such as capital

Investment Strategies
August 13, 2021

China Investment Potential Remains Big Despite Regulatory Wobbles - CIBC

The North American wealth management firm, one of the biggest in the continent, argues that worries

Investment Strategies
December 17, 2019

Looking Into 2020 As Political, Trade "Clouds" Disperse

An independent investment advisory business sets out thinking about what the effect of the UK

Investment Strategies
April 23, 2021

ESG Phenomenon: UBS

Developments and commentary in and around the ESG investment space.

Investment Strategies
April 13, 2021

WEALTH TALK: More Greed Than Fear - Staying Disciplined In Frothy Markets

There is a need for investors not to lose sight of important risk management and diversification

Investment Strategies
April 2, 2021

Blank Check Companies - Watch Closely, But Don't Get Burned, Say Family Offices

We talk to two family offices in the US about what they think about the phenomenon of SPACs -

Investment Strategies
March 11, 2021

Market Turmoil Gives Edge To Behavioral Finance Ideas

These haven’t been times for investors who cannot discipline their emotions. They have needed,

Investment Strategies
March 11, 2021

JP Morgan Shows More Digital Assets Love

That major institutions such as JP Morgan, BNY Mellon, Guggenheim Partners and others are involved

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Investment Strategies
June 25, 2021

SPACs Lose Momentum, But Here To Stay - Industry

After rising explosively over the past two years, blank check companies have slowed down, as SEC

Investment Strategies
April 15, 2021

How Should US Investors Approach Chinese Equities Market?

US investors are arguably under-invested in Chinese equities and should change to diversify. But

Investment Strategies
March 3, 2021

What To Make Of "Blank Check" Fundraising Surge

The SPAC sector has expanded so rapidly in the past year or so that it has caught attention in some

Investment Strategies
January 8, 2021

The Venture Capital Promise Of Health, Wellness Sectors

This news service talks to a US venture capital firm that operates in health-related sectors,

Investment Strategies
September 24, 2020

Pandemic: ESG's Deathknell Or New Beginning?

What effect has the global pandemic had on the trend known as ESG investing? Is it a net plus for

Investment Strategies
September 22, 2020

Context Is King: What Previous Downturns, Turning Points Tell Investors

Past market falls and shifts can help inform investors about the current environment, but one vital

Investment Strategies
June 1, 2020

Pandemic Payoff - The Time For Behavioral Finance Is Now

Regular FWR correspondent Charles Paikert takes a look at the world of behavioral finance, a topic

Investment Strategies
March 18, 2020

ESG, Where Are We Now?

A look at how ESG is taking hold in different markets, where regulation is coming down on fund

Investment Strategies
December 17, 2019

Why Family Offices Should Consider Distressed Investing

The author of this article looks at an area which perhaps isn’t helped by its name.

Investment Strategies
October 17, 2019

WEALTH TALK: Focus On Pitcairn's Investment Approach - CIO Interview

This publication recently talked to Rick Pitcairn, of the eponymous multi-family office.