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Updated Forward Features Schedule To April 2021

Editorial Staff, May 21, 2020


Here is an updated forward features list for our North American coverage. The list may be revised on occasions. There have already been some changes prompted by the pandemic. Please note in particular an upcoming focus on coverage of the US West Coast wealth management market.

This is a list of the topics the editors of this news service are tracking over the coming 12 months. The calendar has been adjusted to take account of how so much of the world has been upended by COVID-19. We are, however, keen to cover areas that aren’t simply about the pandemic – it is important that subjects aren’t ignored. As always, we urge those who are interested to contact the editorial team at tom.burroughes@wealthbriefing.com and jackie.bennion@clearviewpublishing.com

Talent management stories – talking to recruiters, MBA program directors, HR bosses at banks, and others about the changing requirements on future wealth managers, what is being done to develop new talent, deal with potential bottlenecks, etc. How will the coronavirus affect deployments of staff, line-reporting, recruitment, oversight of performance, morale and psychological health of staff? 

Remote working and new ways of talking to clients have put greater focus on digital tools, including video. This raises security concerns. What must wealth managers consider when it comes to cybersecurity, training and situational awareness in this environment? We will look at a range of issues raised by social distancing in the wealth management workplace.

The global art markets was one of the first to be affected by the pandemic: The Art Basel fair in Hong Kong went completely digital in early 2020; auctions have shifted online. We will look at the area of collecting and investing in fine art and other specialized areas, both from the point of what clients want, and also to understand how wealth managers use these areas to engage with clients and retain their business. 

We look at how wealth managers think about risk management across the board when it comes to protecting clients and their own businesses in light of the coronavirus crisis, and possibly, other issues such as global warming and extreme weather events, turbulent geopolitics, etc.  There a risk dimension for clients with business interests and assets in multiple countries, for example. 

The very way that people think about risk, and the financial and other tools to tackle it, will need to be rethought. We will talk to insurance firms and other parties about payouts, costs and new products. Also, we can consider how environmental, social and governance approaches to investing evolve because of the pandemic and other forces.

Away from the pandemic, we look at the world of family offices, registered investment advisors, trust companies, and those parts of banks and wirehouses that focus on ultra-high net worth individuals. This area also includes an examination of players such as law firms and accounting businesses with a family office offering, as well as emerging structures, such as “virtual family offices”.

The “giving season”, as it is called in the US, is a busy time for philanthropy and discussion about giving and has an added edge this year because of the pandemic. it is also important in other parts of the world. We will look at developments in philanthropy, such as new structures, areas such as client reporting and auditing of specific programs.

We continue to examine philanthropy.


After the traumas of 2020 and the big shifts in wealth and likely pressures from governments to tax and cut spending to rein in massive debt, how will this affect HNW and UHNW individuals? We take a “macro” look at the changing fortunes of wealthy individuals and the likely asset allocation decisions they will need to consider.

We examine trends and developments in the US West Coast wealth management market, teasing out the differences between businesses in northern and Southern California, for example, and certain other states up into the Northwestern parts of the country. There will be a focus on technology, venture capital and disruptive wealth management business models.

To be decided

To be decided.

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