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Survey Points To Diminishing Appeal Of US Dollar As Investment

Josh O'Neill, Assistant Editor , September 25, 2017


The Greenback isn't as much the darling of investors in Japan, according to a survey.

The investment appeal of the dollar is the lowest it has been in nearly four years, according to a recent survey from Japanese financial services giant Nomura Holdings

The dollar had its diffusion index (DI) – a measure of investment attractiveness Nomura calculates by subtracting the percentage of responses for “unappealing” from those for “appealing” - nearly halved this month and now stands at 12.7, its lowest level since November 2013. 

Conversely, the DI for Japanese yen swelled 7.3 points to reach 29.9, the first rise the currency had seen in three months.

The combined percentage of respondents who expected the yen to rise against the dollar over the next three months was 57.4 per cent, up 1.7 points from last month. 

As part of the September iteration of its Individual Investor Survey, Nomura gathered respondents' three-month outlook on share prices and found this value had positively risen for the second consecutive month.

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